BS Cargo is recognized as specialized in the customization of packaging of fragile, large and valuable electronic items arts and antiques. We make sure to provide the best packing services in order to protect your goods.

Whether you have to pack only a few items or a thousand, we will always provide the best solution, most-suited to your expectations in terms of packaging.

International Moves

BS Cargo will deliver your cargo globally in a safe, timely and hassle free manner. The business has evolved through the trust that customers have developed with BS Cargo as they have experienced the value added delivery ability of shipping needs regardless of scale.

BS Cargo has experienced a diverse line of customers with various specific needs. From moving family belongings and automobiles to shipping sea containers.


BS Cargo Service has a dedicated Removals and Relocations division and it specializes in local moves within UAE and International Moves along with a complete array of services from surveys, FREE quotes, packing, cratering, transportation, unpacking, installation, dismantling, expert advice on handling “valuables” and “treasurable” items, expat services and everything that will enable smooth transition to new location for both individuals as well as Corporates.